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BAXTERVILLE SCHOOL is a small, rural school located in Lamar County.   It currently serves 280 Pre-K through eighth grade students.  Our educators are inventive, determined, and committed to using all available resources to ensure a safe and challenging atmosphere for all students.  Baxterville School has experienced steady academic growth during the last two years.   We are currently deemed a successful school under the current Mississippi Department of Education accountability system.

Baxterville School has been awarded numerous grants including Project Fit America, Kohl's, and Target.   We are a Title 1 school and showcase frequent events with high parental involvement.   Baxterville School highlights special events throughout the year such as Fall Festival, Homecoming, Q&U Wedding, and MCT2 Pep Rally.   Other family-oriented activities include Grits for Grans, Date with Dads, Muffins for Moms, and Family Reading Night. We also have students who have placed at the district level in the reading fairs and spelling bees. Baxterville School offers numerous extracurricular activities that include archery, football, basketball, cheer, fastpitch, baseball, band, music, and showchoir.
MISSION:    The mission of the Lamar County School District is to provide a quality education in a safe and healthy learning environment with opportunities for all students to experience success.
VISION:    Our students will be thriving, productive leaders who make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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Baxterville School
Baxterville School

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Outdoor Classroom Funds
Outdoor Classroom Funds  
Baxterville School is collecting community coffee labels to fund their outdoor classroom.
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