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New Field Trip Info

If you haven’t noticed by now, the whole field trip process has changed. There will no longer be a field trip request form and a field trip ticket. You fill out one form and submit it. If you are taking more than one bus to the same place, leaving at the same time, and coming back at the same time, then just enter one ticket. 

Click on the link below to access INFOFINDER LE

It should pull up a login screen. Your username will be “first.last” name and your starting password will be “bus” - everything is lowercase.

If you have a problem logging in to Infofinder, contact Jeanne Williamson at Extension 1052.  DO NOT CONTACT YOUR BOOKKEEPER for login help.  They will not be able to help you login.

Once logged in, go to the OPTIONS tab and change your password.

Click on the FIELD TRIPS tab and then click NEW FIELD TRIP.

When the ticket opens fill out all required fields. If you have a driver that you would like to drive that trip, add that request into the NOTES section under departure. **This is also where you will include the number of sack lunches you will need from the cafeteria manager.**

Some trips, such as Mitchell Farms or other popular locations, might already be loaded under either TEMPLATE or DESTINATION, so click on the drop down arrow to check. This will save you some time!

DO NOT input any information into the Invoicing tab.  Your school bookkeeper will complete this tab at the conclusion of your field trip.

Once you have the form filled out click SAVE and it will be automatically submitted. It will then give you a reference number that is the same as your trip ticket number. It would be important to write down this number so that you can log back in and check the status of your trip. 

**When you want to check on your trip please click on the trip number to open the trip, not the icon that looks like two pieces of paper. That icon is to copy the trip.

You will get an e-mail every time the next person approves it or denies it.

**Once your field trip is completed, your bus driver will give you the trip ticket that should IMMEDIATELY be turned into your bookkeeper! This is very important!!! The bus driver will not get paid unless the trip ticket is turned in!! 

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us simplify this process for everyone!

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