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New Field Trip Info

New Field Trip Instructions


When calculating the cost of a field trip be sure to use the correct rates.  Use $1/mile for miles driven and $18.21/hour for bus driver pay (this is the amount which includes fringes and is not the actual rate of pay for the driver).

Navigate to the Lamar County School District homepage, click on Employee Links, and click on New Field Trip.

You will see the instructions for a New Field Trip.  Once you have read the instructions, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Your username is firstname.lastname.  Your password is “bus”.

Upon your initial login go to Options and change your password.

Click on Field Trips, then click New Field Trip.

When the ticket opens fill out all required fields.  (Note: If you have a driver that you would like to drive your trip, add that request into the Notes section under Departure.  This is also where you will include the number of sack lunches you will need from the cafeteria manager.)

Some frequent Field Trips and Destinations are preloaded as templates.  Be sure to check and see if your trip is preloaded.  This will help save time!

*Do not fill out the Invoicing Information section. Your bookkeeper will complete this section at the end of the trip.*

Once you have completed the form and clicked Save, it will be automatically submitted. You will be given a reference number that is the same as your trip ticket number. Be sure to save this number so that you can check the progress of your trip.

You will receive an email every time your trip progresses through the approval process.

**Once your trip is completed your bus driver will give you a completed trip ticket that immediately needs to be turned in to your bookkeeper.  The bus driver will not get paid until this ticket is turned in.**

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