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LCSD Police Department - Patrol Bicycle Unit

LCSD - Patrol Bicycle Unit

  On January 25th -27th, 2019 the Lamar County School District Police Department hosted a 32 hour International Police Mountain Bike Association Course at Oak Grove High School.

  We were able to train four LCSDPD School Resource Officers and two University of Southern Mississippi Policemen as well. During the training our SROs learned how to go up and down stairs, hop curves, power slide and many other things. The skills they learned will be extremely helpful while patrolling around the district.

Getting ready for a hard day of training.

Det. Joel Hoskin of Slidell Police Department, the Instructor. 

Det. Hoskin showing us how to do the cones. 

Bicycle maintenance part of the course

Officer Holmes mastering the cone course

Officer Holmes mastering the stairs.

Officer Chris learning the cone course. 

Det. Hoskin with two of University of Southern Mississippi Police Officers. 

By Terrence Taylor

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