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Lamar County Association for Gifted Children (LCAGC)

The Lamar County Association for Gifted Children is an advocacy group of parents for gifted children. This group formed to provide a networking system so all parents of gifted children have the opportunity to become an advocate for the rights of gifted children and youth. Membership is open to all parents and teachers of gifted children in Lamar County. The purpose of the LCAGC is:

  • To serve Lamar County School District in the development and improvement of programs for the gifted by keeping parents, teachers, institutions of higher learning and the general public aware of the needs to provide the appropriate experiences for gifted students.

  • To disseminate ideas on programs, projects and research on gifted education 

  • To encourage local organizations in the state and to find and develop facilities for the gifted in their communities

  • To serve as a catalyst in the educational growth and stimulation of the membership

  • To work for improvement in all areas of education and for better educational opportunities for all children 

LCAGC is an affiliate of Mississippi Association for Gifted Children, which offers a newsletter and an annual conference in the fall for parents and teachers of gifted children.  

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