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Math Resources

 Mississippi College- and Career-Ready Mathematics
MS CCR Scaffolding Documents
What should the MS CCR for Mathematics look like in the classroom?
Teaching Channel - can register to customize videos by grade and/or mathematical practices
Emphasis per Grade 
  **Separated by major, supporting and additional clusters
What should the Math Practices look like in the classroom?

Illustrative Mathematics Project - Videos of Mathematical Practices  
*Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action - Legal size
*Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action - Letter size 
*Self-Grading Rubric for Teacher Implementation of Mathematical Practices
   *Must be logged into LCSD email to access 
Where can I find rigorous and rich tasks/resources at the same depth that the MS CCR requires?
Achieve The Core - tasks and assessments, lessons, etc.

Engage NY Unit Models and Assessments for K - HS

Georgia Standards - complete units for K - 5
Georgia Standards - complete units for 6-8
Mathematics Assessment Project
K-5  Math Resources
Rekenrek as a Visual Model for Strategic Reasoning (K-3)
 With higher standards, is it ok if I still teach "tricks" to help kids understand?
Sometimes we teach students a "trick" to help them understand a concept without realizing that the trick either (a) doesn't work for always work  or (b) keeps a student from being able to do higher level math (ex: trick in 2nd grade doesn't work in 7th). 
 Nix the Tricks was written to help point out where the trick may hurt a student down the road AND show a different strategy to help students understand the conceptual math behind the trick. 
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