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The Lamar County School District Office of Academic Education Staff

Dr. Patrick Gray
Assistant Superintendent
Secondary Programs

Teresa Jenny
Assistant Superintendent
Elementary Programs

Aice Rainwater
Federal Programs Director

Meg Stewart
District Test Coordinator 

Shaye Caldwell
ELA Instructional Support Specialist

Jodi Cranford
K-3 Literacy Suport Specialist

Jamie Phillips
K-5 Math Instructional Support Specialist

Susan Dunkley
6-12 Math Instructional Support Specialist

Teresa Lampe
STEM Instructional Support Specialist
21st Century Programs Director

Whitney Rollins
Social Studies Instructional Support Specialist

Phone: 601-794-5256      • Fax: 601-794-6204

ELA Resources

6 years ago

Mississippi College- and Career-Ready English/Language Arts 
Summer PD Resources for ELA 
What should the MS CCR for ELA look like in the classroom?
Teaching Channel - can register to customize videos by grade and/or course
Where can I find rigorous and rich tasks/resources at the same depth that the MS CCR ELA requires?

Math Resources

5 years ago

 Mississippi College- and Career-Ready Mathematics
MS CCR Scaffolding Documents
What should the MS CCR for Mathematics look like in the classroom?
Teaching Channel - can register to customize videos by grade and/or mathematical practices
Emphasis per Grade 
  **Separated by major, supporting and additional clusters
What should the Math Practices look like in the classroom?

Illustrative Mathematics Project - Videos of Mathematical Practices  
*Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action - Legal size
*Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action - Letter size 
*Self-Grading Rubric for Teacher Implementation of Mathematical Practices
   *Must be logged into LCSD email to access 
Where can I find rigorous and rich tasks/resources at the same depth that the MS CCR requires?
Achieve The Core - tasks and assessments, lessons, etc.

Engage NY Unit Models and Assessments for K - HS

Georgia Standards - complete units for K - 5
Georgia Standards - complete units for 6-8
Mathematics Assessment Project
K-5  Math Resources
Rekenrek as a Visual Model for Strategic Reasoning (K-3)
 With higher standards, is it ok if I still teach "tricks" to help kids understand?
Sometimes we teach students a "trick" to help them understand a concept without realizing that the trick either (a) doesn't work for always work  or (b) keeps a student from being able to do higher level math (ex: trick in 2nd grade doesn't work in 7th). 
 Nix the Tricks was written to help point out where the trick may hurt a student down the road AND show a different strategy to help students understand the conceptual math behind the trick. 

CEU Information

5 years ago

For Teachers:
  • CEU's will be processed three times a year:  August (for summer PD), December (for fall PD),  and May (for spring PD).
  • Processing from William Carey University takes 4-8 weeks.  Please plan appropriately when applying for license renewal.   
  • When applying for renewal, you must enter your CEU's in ELMS and send all your original CEU documentation to the Mississippi Department of Education.
For Administrators/Technology Coordinators: 
You must complete a CEU Workshop Request form prior to your training.  Please refer to the William Carey Workshop Qualifications prior to planning your Continuing Education workshops.  


   Requirements for Professional Development Days / Meetings / Tech Training:


Literacy Resources

6 years ago

Family Guides for Student Success to Support Parents

6 years ago

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) developed family guides to assist with grade-level at home strategies and activities that support both student and parent understanding of the English language arts and mathematics standards. Parents can use the activity booklets at home to support what their children are learning in the classroom.

The Family Guide for Student Success booklets outline what children should know and be able to do in English language arts and mathematics at each grade level from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education, said parents understand best their child’s needs, strengths, abilities and interests, and they can partner with their child’s teacher to provide opportunities to learn and grow.

“Parents are their child’s first teacher in life. That responsibility doesn’t end when a child enters school. These guides were created to encourage parents and children by reinforcing classroom activities at home and to build a strong partnership with their teachers,” Wright said.

The guides list expectations for children at each grade level and activities that families can do at home. They will be translated into Spanish and available to parents and teachers in October.

Robin Lemonis, MDE’s director of Student Intervention Services in the Office of Elementary Education and Reading, led the project to create the booklets as a resource

for parents who wanted to help their children reach learning goals but needed examples of how to do it.

“Often parents do not understand the terminology and methodology associated with the standards that their child is expected to learn in each individual grade. This project stemmed from my desire to simplify the language used within the standards so parents could help support their child’s learning. In addition, it provides teachers with an opportunity to communicate the needs of the student and offers them a chance to model and share these simple strategies and activities with parents,” she said.

MDE staff and Mississippi teachers contributed their expertise and time in the development of the guides. The following teachers contributed to the guides: Brandy Howell with the Itawamba County School District, Beth Garcia with the Rankin County School District, Jena Howie with the Yazoo City Municipal School District, and Janalee Leak and Paula Phillips with the North Tippah School District.

“I want to thank staff and teachers for all the hard work they put into creating these

booklets. I believe that these resources will help build students’ knowledge and skills and provide a strong foundation for academic success,” Wright said.

The guides can be found here

Photo: Click here for a photo of the guide’s cover.

By Ross Randall