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Our Goals and Objectives


Our program’s objective is to improve the health of our students by providing palatable and nutritious foods while enhancing their nutrition education


  • To offer each child an opportunity to purchase foods that will add to his/her physical well being.
  • To provide each child the opportunity to participate in a school breakfast and lunch program coordinated with the general curriculum.
  • To provide each child the opportunity to purchase a meal that meets at least one-third of his daily nutritional requirements, at a price the child can afford to pay.
  • To provide attractive, well-prepared foods of high nutritional value.
  • To provide each child the opportunity to take part in leadership training, through participation in the school breakfast and lunch program.
  • To offer important learning skills in health, citizenship, and social knowledge which compliment other educational subjects.
  • To provide a setting and assist in teaching Nutrition Education as it relates to various subject areas and all grade levels.
  • To provide each child the opportunity to participate in a program in which the administrators, faculty, and the Board of Education are fully aware of the nutritional and educational potentials of the School Food Services Program.
  • To provide special activities and resources to assist in teaching students better nutritional behaviors.
  • To function as an integral part of the educational system of the Lamar County School District.
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