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District Administration

about 1 year ago

Tess R. Smith                       Superintendent of Education

Wayne Folkes                      Assistant Superintendent

Office of Academic Education

Teresa Jenny                        Director of Academics

Steven Hampton                 Director of Accountability & Research

Julie Clinton                          District Test Coordinator

Josette Sirmon                     Director of Special Education

Kristy Harvey                        Gifted Program Coordinator

Tina Byrd                               Director of Vocational Education

Bryan Stewart                       Alternative Principal

Office of Operations and Management

Chris Wooten                       Director of Human Resources

Ross Randall                         Director of Technology

Pat Kribbs                             Director of Transportation


Steve Rosser                         Director of Public Safety

Dennis Steele                       Director of Facilities

Julianne King                        Child Nutrition Director

Jennifer Hession                  Business Manager

Kevin Harless                        16th Section Land Manager 


School Board
School Board
Left to right (standing):
Rick Norton, Board Attorney
Buddy Morris, District E
Jeremy Chance, District C
Terry Ingram, District D

Left to right (Seated):
Deborah Pierce, District A
Tess Smith, Superintendent
Carolyn Adams, District B