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Student Survey 2017-18
Parent Survey 2017-18
Gifted Education Staff


9 days ago

The Mississippi Gifted Education Act mandates that each public school district within the state provide gifted education programs for intellectually gifted students in grades 2-6.  These programs must be designed to meet the individual needs of gifted students and shall be in addition to and different from the regular program of instruction provided by the district. 

Our Mission  

The Lamar County School District is committed to the motivation and guidance of gifted students through enriched, quality education based on the identification of their strengths, weaknesses, and interest.  To fulfill this commitment, the gifted education program is dedicated to utilizing teaching strategies that broaden the students' scope of knowledge while providing independent study skills that enable them to become lifelong learners.    

Program Design 

The Lamar County School District serves over 1000 intellectually students in the elementary and middle schools.  Students attend EXCEL 1-2 times a week for a combined total of five hours a week.  Students usually attend one morning and one afternoon each week or one day per week through what is known as an enrichment resource program.  They receive instruction from a teacher certified in gifted education. Units of study or themes that incorporate the aforementioned skills are used to create a stimulating and challenging learning environment.  Learning takes place primarily in small groups and independently.


9 days ago

Placement of gifted students is governed by specific policies pertaining to test scores and other criteria. Students must qualify at each step of the sequential referral process to be eligible for gifted services.


The Referral Phase includes documentation of  three of the following:

● group or individual intelligence test 90th percentile minimum

● group or individual achievement test 90th percentile in select area

● published characteristics of giftedness measure score at or above the superior range

● published measure of creativity score at or above the superior range

● published measure of leadership score at or above the superior range


If three criteria are documented, the Local Survey Committee recommends further assessment.  During the Assessment Phase the Assessment Team collect, administers, and/or documents three of the following:

● a full scale score at or above the 90th percentile on a norm-referenced group measure of intelligence

● a score at or above the superior range on a norm-referenced measure of characteristics of giftedness

● a score at or above the superior range on a norm-referenced measure of characteristics of creativity

● a score at or above the superior range on a norm-referenced measure of characteristics of leadership

● a score at or above the 90th percentile on a norm-referenced measure of cognitive abilities

● a score at or above the 90th percentile in select areas on a norm-referenced achievement test

At this time, if parental permission has not been obtained, district personnel shall obtain written parental permission for testing. A student who has satisfied the minimal acceptable criteria on any three of the above measures shall have an individually administered norm-referenced intelligence test administered to them. A score of 91st percentile or above must be obtained for eligibility. Properly certified district personnel may administer the test at no cost to parents.

Students who do not satisfy the criteria for placement in the gifted program may not be re-tested until the completion of one calendar year. A student who is referred for re-testing must complete all stages of the Gifted Identification Process. A student may be screened every year, but a student may only be tested twice in his/her school career at district's expense. 

The assessment team report and recommendation profile are sent to the District Local Survey Committee for determining eligibility according to criteria set forth by the state guidelines. Once criteria are met and a written eligibility ruling has been made, the student is eligible to be placed in the EXCEL program. The parent must give written consent to place the student in the program. No student is placed without a proper eligibility ruling and consent for placement.

Lamar County Association for Gifted Children (LCAGC)

9 days ago

The Lamar County Association for Gifted Children is an advocacy group of parents for gifted children. This group formed to provide a networking system so all parents of gifted children have the opportunity to become an advocate for the rights of gifted children and youth. Membership is open to all parents and teachers of gifted children in Lamar County. The purpose of the LCAGC is:

  • To serve Lamar County School District in the development and improvement of programs for the gifted by keeping parents, teachers, institutions of higher learning and the general public aware of the needs to provide the appropriate experiences for gifted students.

  • To disseminate ideas on programs, projects and research on gifted education 

  • To encourage local organizations in the state and to find and develop facilities for the gifted in their communities

  • To serve as a catalyst in the educational growth and stimulation of the membership

  • To work for improvement in all areas of education and for better educational opportunities for all children 

LCAGC is an affiliate of Mississippi Association for Gifted Children, which offers a newsletter and an annual conference in the fall for parents and teachers of gifted children.