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jbw  KG
Congratulations to Jon Brent Weathers for being the 4th grade Longleaf Spelling Bee Champ!  
Congratulations to Keiara Gillum for being the 5th grade Longleaf Spelling Bee Champ! 
They will represent Longleaf at the District Spelling Bee on February 2nd.
Way to Go
Longleaf Reading Fair
Winners !!!
45 fiction  
 Fourth and Fifth Grade Fiction
1st place Maggie Gratwick, 2nd place Moriah Golden, Second Plane Madeline Hamlett, Third Place Mary Delaney Dumas, Third Place Konner Daley, Honorable Mention Jack Rogers, HM Jack Hodo, HM Katie Cotton, HM Emily Loveless, HM Price Moorehead
345 family  
Third, Fourth and Fifth Group/Family Fiction
First Place - Gabrielle Evans, Second Place Barrett McDonald, Third Place Creston Luke Martin, Third Place Aniya Williams, HM Mallory Golden, HM Mollee Golden, HM Sara Evans
3 fiction  
 Third Grade Fiction
First Place Anushka Singh, Second Place Campbell Camille, Third Place Anna Claire Rosen, HM Ella Eavenson, HM Riley Bridges, HM Rachele Chung
345 fiction  
Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Fiction
First Place Anna Leigh Bynum, Second Place Corey Trotter, Third Place Lily Davis, Third Place Joseph Baugh and HM Wesley Joseph
first fiction  
First Grade Fiction
First Place Salem Blackwell, second place Laney Stone, third place James Price, HM Mia Holmes
k12 family  
 K, First and Second Grade Group/Family Fiction
First Place Trevor Golden, Second Place Maggie Boucher, Third Place Curtis Poole, HM Wesley Smith, HM Kenyon Walker
2nd fiction  
Second Grade Fiction
First Place Wyatt Moorehead, Second Place Eli Wheat, Third Place Landen Huber, HM Amelia Britt, HM Andrew Britt, HM Randy Jiang
k fiction  
Kindergarten Fiction
First Place Chandler Dozier, Second Place Allie Kate Brewer, Third Place Landon John, HM Micah Caraway, HM Jay Barnes
They are the 2nd nine weeks Branch winners for Longleaf! 
Do you want to make your student feel extra special on their birthday?  
You can now display a "Birthday Shout-Out" on the digital signs by the front office and in the cafeteria letting everyone know that today is their special day!  Request a form from your child's teacher and turn it in with $10 payment 3 days prior to your child's birthday.  
(Cash only please)
Their name will run on the sign all day for everyone to see!  
 Longleaf Battle of the Branches......
Who will win for the Third nine weeks?
branch branch Branchh
        green branch  
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Aerial View of Longleaf Elementary School taken from above 4th Street, looking down the entrance road.  
School is located on the top, right side of picture. 
Welcome to Longleaf Elementary School
Grades K-5
"Rooted in Excellence, Branching into Success" 
School Every Day: Make Every Day Count Attendance Awareness
The Importance of Attendance:
* Attendance matters for doing well in school and life * Attendance helps develop good habits * Too many absences will slow down instruction for all students * Children will suffer academically if they miss 10% of school days * Chronic absences is a leading warning sign that a student will drop out * Poor attendance affects funding your local school and school district Every Day Counts: Attend Today - Achieve Tomorrow
For more information and to see the district daily absence report click on the Attendance Link above. 
We are located at:
5279 West 4th Street Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Phone:  601-264-3858
Fax:  601-261-6892 
Click here for a map and directions School Begins each day at 7:50 am  School ends each day at 2:30 pm
(Please note that we will be loading our bus riders each day at 2:25 pm.  
Our car riders will be dismissed a few minutes before bus riders)  
* Any transportation changes will require a handwritten note or it may be faxed to the office by 8:30 am each day.  Include a phone number on the note.  Please fax your changes to 601-261-6892 NO CHECK-OUTS after 2:00 PM 
Longleaf Elementary has been named a Participating School by the MAC (Mississippi Arts Commission).  We have many professional development opportunities for our teachers to attend.  We will be integrating arts in our classroom and throughout the school to allow our students to deepen their knowledge and learning experiences. 
(See information below)
Please save all Box Tops...We earn cash for our school!!  Send Box Tops at any time to your child's teacher.
My Coke Rewards Program Our school participates in the My Coke Rewards program.  By drinking Coca-Cola products, you can get My Coke Reward points and donate them to help our school.  Go to  and sign in (please register if you aren't already a member). Enter your codes then search for Longleaf Elementary to donate points.  
Target's TAKE CHARGE OF EDUCATION  All you have to do is apply for a Target Red Card and then use the REDcard when making purchases at Target.  Target will donate up to 1% of your purchases to help Longleaf Elementary School.   Our Target school number is:  153409.
Lamar County School District Mission Statement
"The mission of the Lamar County School District is to provide a quality education in a safe and healthy environment with opportunities for all students to experience success." 

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